Gen Con 2014

Pains, Sprains, and Koboldmobiles [Kobolds Ate My Baby!]

RPG1453953                                      GM: Henry Bannon

RPG1453954                                      GM: Henry Bannon

It's a kobold deathrace! There are no rules except the first across the finish line gets a trophy full of babies!

MEGAman Deathmatch Challenge [Dungeons & Dragons 4E]

RPG1453955 [Scoring Round]               GMs: Henry Bannon, Mark Bannon

RPG1453956 [Final Round]                   GM: Henry Bannon

The year: 20XX. Gangs of robots clash in the streets. Will you be the strongest? Bring your team of four & compete in this multi-round tournament to determine the ultimate Robot Masters.

Small teams of robots are pitted against each other in a no-holds-barred frenzy of carnage in a team-based, player-vs-player competition. The competition will consist of three scoring rounds, and a final championship round. Each match will last forty-five (45) minutes.

Before each round, robots will be picked via draft. Captains of each team will roll-off. The team that rolls highest will be able to choose whether their team picks first or whether one of their players will act first in the first round of initiative. Each table will only have one copy of each robot. Taking alternating turns, each team will choose robots until each player has their own robot. 

At the end of scoring round three the number of points will be tallied and the two teams with the most number of points will move onto the final round. In the case of a tie, a sudden death round will occur. Players will reroll initiative, act in the new initiative order, and claim victory with the next robot death.

Fast, frantic play is encouraged. Any robot deemed to be stalling, delaying (including using the Delay or Ready actions), or in any way slowing the game will be killed ("gibbed") at the Dungeon Master's decree. 

In each match, numbered "respawn points" will be indicated. At the start of any dead character's turn, the robot will be restored to full hit points, all failed death saves removed, and teleported to either a random or determined respawn point. Robots standing on a respawn point when another robot spawns there are instantly killed. Encounter powers and power points refresh between scoring rounds. Daily powers, healing surges, and action points refresh between the scoring rounds and the final round. 

Additionally, a dying character can choose kill themselves outright at the start of their turn in an effort to hasten their respawn.

There are tactical disadvantages and advantages in acting first in initiative order. Robots spawn into the map one at a time during the first round but each map has unique features the only the quick and lucky will be able to unleash on their foes. The Dungeon Master acts last in each round.


     Air Man                      Bomb Man                      Bubble Man

     Crash Man                 Cut Man                          Elec Man

     Fire Man                    Flash Man                       Guts Man

     Heat Man                  Ice Man                           Metal Man

                    Quick Man                 Wood Man

Fete of Corvins [Ironclaw]

RPG1453407 [Part 1]                              GM: Mark Bannon

RPG1453951 [Part 2]                              GM: Mark Bannon

RPG1453952 [Part 3]                              GM: Mark Bannon

Will your band escape from the cursed lands of Starakksa & Dark'guan? Or will they join the legions of fallen to the fell magics wending through those black jungles? 


      Agnolo             Balmora           Carver Fort

      Irounia            Rathbone          Toya

Death Override Orbital-space Marines: Hell on Mars [CthulhuTech]

RPG1453957                                          GM: Henry Bannon

Imprisoned after refusing to carry out a massacre on your commander's orders, you now stand the last line of defense against a terrible threat emerging from a secret research station on Mars.

Mystery Inc. [nWorld of Darkness]

RPG1453961                                          GM: Henry Bannon

Join Fred, Daphne, Velma, Scooby, Shaggy, & a very special guest as they investigate the rumors of a town plagued by a fell phantom figure.

Tales from the Junkyard at the End of Forever [Dungeons & Dragons 4E]

RPG1453962                                          GM: Henry Bannon

What debris collects in the dark corners of the Shadowfell? What forgotten crimes are taken by the shadow & the mist? A continuation of the challenge-based Domains of Dread game from last year.


      Alexsi                   Baell Whiteash                     Barth

      Zit                        Serafima                             Thainbren the Exiled

      Vitrea Gemhide     Golgedda Huntersbane          Redric Bellowskin


Tyrannosaurus Tex [Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition]

RPG1453958 [Part 1]                              GM: Henry Bannon


     Gallows-Sworn Sherriff          Railroad Tycoon's Daughter        Serendipitous Time Traveller

     Shell-Shocked Miner              Stormcaller Medicine Man          Wandering Luchadore Hero

RPG1453959 [Part 2]                              GM: Henry Bannon


     Gallows-Sworn Sherriff          Railroad Tycoon's Daughter        Serendipitous Time Traveller

     Shell-Shocked Miner              Stormcaller Medicine Man          Wandering Luchadore Hero

RPG1453960 [Part 3]                              GM: Henry Bannon


     Gallows-Sworn Sherriff          Railroad Tycoon's Daughter        Serendipitous Time Traveller

     Shell-Shocked Miner              Stormcaller Medicine Man          Wandering Luchadore Hero   

A cave-in at the Los Almagres silver mine reveals a lost world filled with dangers for which the West isn't prepared: dinosaurs! (May also include ghosts and rockets)

Birchwood High: Freshman Year [Monsterhearts]

RPG1453963                                          GM: Henry Bannon

You've felt your body changing. You know you are different than you were before. The people around you treat you like a monster, but you know the truth. In freshman year, you'll show them all.

Terminal Elevation [Dread]

RPG1453964                                          GM: Henry Bannon

Trapped high in the mountains in a tiny airport, what will you do when they come for you? When you don't know who your friends and who your enemies are anymore?

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