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The grand unveiling!

With event registration opening in less than a week, the world will soon get to see the first inklings of what MEGA will run at Gen Con this year. Stay posted and we look forward to rolling with you at the con!

All ashore

We've the last of the character sheets that we didn't have online by Gen Con up, for anyone who wanted the sheets for their perusal.

Late start

Event descriptions for our Gen Con 2014 events are live on the Conventions page, with character sheets slated for later this week. Stay posted!

Night music

The following updates can be found on the info page for Gen Con 2013:

A little day music

More characters up on the Gen Con 2013 page, for those keeping track. Less than two months to go until the shindig. We hope to see you there!

The short and the long

With the new site come new questions for MEGA. The one on our lips presently is how best can we use this web presence to meet the mission of our organization: to run and play fun and engaging games. 

Turbines to speed!

The MEGA site spins up, ready to inform and entertain all our players, past, present and future. Please, take a walk around, inspect the masonry, and let us know what you think of the site so far.

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